Weekend in Birch Bay WA (sisterhood post)

We had been looking forward to the past two weekends a lot. And I mean hugely. Our last vacation was at the end of February, which feels like ages ago. So many things happening – we wanted and needed a (mini) vacation. This weekend was extended with Labor Day and last weekend, was a long one by choice, staging our Willison family reunion in Birch Bay WA, which being on the other side of the US, is not stress free either. With a 6 hour flight from NJ to Seattle, give or take. And in our case a two hour delay, sitting in the plane and on the tarmac, we finally got to our hotel at 00:30 PST = 3:30 am EST, as our bodies kept telling us. But, still at the airport, we thought we would treat ourselves and indulged in a rental car upgrade. You probably already know that we are kind of nuts when it comes to electronic or technical ‘toys’. So, I present thee – our ride for our long weekend and four fun days of cruising they have been:

Camaro SS Convertible

Yep, a Camaro SS Convertible. And, let me tell you, it was perfect. Because the – daytime – weather in WA was made for it. The temperature was pretty (freakin’) cool in the morning and later in the evening, but during the days it was high 70s, low 80s, sunshine and some scattered clouds. Meaning perfect weather to drive around topless, ahem, the car, of course. Naturally after a long flight like Thursday night we slept in a little and then checked out the Flying Heritage Museum in Everett, before heading on north to our reunion. And to the first sunset over Birch Bay, WA.

Flying Heritage Museum, Everett WA

1st sunset over Birch Bay WA

Saturday morning I got up fairly early, I am not really sure when it happened that I got to be somewhat of an early bird, but I decided to go jiggy jogging along the beach. Yet, while getting dressed I took a peek out of our window and was caught by the most beautiful sight. A foggy sunrise. Rush, rush, get into those clothes and outside quickly. Snap a few iPhone pics and start running. All the running, of course, was interrupted frequently by photo opportunities. And I made a mental note to get up early on Sunday, and take my real camera out. But first my MIL, aunt and I got to spend the morning with my SIL at a wedding shop looking at and trying on wedding dresses. Yay, it is going to happen next year! Obviously I cannot show you any of those photos, well, except maybe for this one of my MIL and aunt. And after this session – a Saturday spent with the family at the beach house. My apologies, no family photos this time, as I lacked somewhat inspiration to take photos. Except for when it came to yet another sunset over the ocean, but I’ll spare you Saturday’s photos.

Saturday sunrise

At the wedding shop(pe)

And what follows a sunset and good night’s sleep? Yep, more sunrise and fog and dew drops and all that good stuff. Sunday David and I decided to take the Camaro for a good spin and took a drive up towards the mountains. My intent was to go up to Artist’s point from where you have got a magnificent view of Mount Baker and the surrounding mountains. However, as so often, we got sidetracked. We stopped along the road at a river that looked interesting. And it sure was. The white water and right next to it the temperate rain forest with lots of moss and fern and huge trees and – such wonderful silence. Only the murmur or roar of the river and sometimes other hikers passing by. Very soothing.

Reflections & a web Webbing

 David Tall trees

20140824-238 20140824-316

After spending quite some time just at this one spot at the river, we decided it best to head on back to the reunion and spend one last evening with the family. Artist’s point will just have to wait until the next time we’ll be in Birch Bay WA. Oh, and I almost forgot, every night we enjoyed a fire on the beach. O.k. some of us enjoyed the s’mores, I just never got a taste for them, but that’s o.k. I enjoyed taking photos of the flames instead.

Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!

Our last sundown

And that was it. That was our family reunion in Birch Bay WA 2014. Until the next one in 2016. Although there is a good chance some of us will see each other at a certain wedding next year 🙂

Btw – two weeks are gone and it is time for another round of our Sisterhood Stories Blogcircle. So please check out Kay’s story and photos at Kay Maguire Photography.

p.s. sieving through my photos from this weekend, I realize that I will have to do 1) a nerd post with photos of the museum and Camaro and 2) many more from the river and forest…

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14 thoughts on “Weekend in Birch Bay WA (sisterhood post)”

  1. The photos are absolutely stunning. I want to go to the PNW so badly but it will have to wait a little while longer! Looks and sounds like you enjoyed your time there.

  2. I’ve been to the Pacific NW a couple of times. You captured the beauty, well, beautifully. 🙂 I’ve never been to the Pacific yet. I will have to head to the coast next time I head that way.

    Thanks for the mini vaca Claudia!

  3. Wow, it seems you and David have had a real good time in and around Birch Bay! Great pictures conveying a good impression of the gorgeous nature and intense moods.

    I am also glad you enjoyed the trip and the ride in a Camaro! 🙂


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