sARTurday – Saturday Art, a year in review


Welcome to sARTurday – the Saturday art linkup

Good morning, All, and welcome to the last edition of sARTurday this year. Today, being New Year’s Eve and all, I decided to do a little different Saturday post. A lot of people do New Years resolutions, because the beginning of a new year may be the beginning of a fresh start. But since I don’t do resolutions, I thought I would share with you a ‘past sARTurday year in review’ instead.

David and I would like to wish you and  your families a very happy New Year!

May it be filled with lots of joy, happiness and health!

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I hope you will enjoy this little flashback of past sARTurdays. Thank you so much for your participation in my Saturday art link-up, which you will find at the bottom, and let’s continue to create art!Cheers,



If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!


ice crystals DSLR bokehCan you shoot ice crystals with your iphone? The answer clearly is ‘yes’.


game, witch, videoOne of my collaborations with hubby – The Witch Game: He did all the coding, I did most of the drawing.


fairy, illustration, ipadI got myself an iPad Pro and started drawing on it – a lot!


changes, muse, painting, goddessChanges? ‘I need to change this back to ‘I have got something to say, to show – let’s do this!


flower, art, photoA photo art how-to, with photos, video and voice 🙂


Went on a business trip to Germany and included a stop in Mannheim, a place I had lived for five years.


photo, art, photoshopMetamorphosis – from a photo (of a rose) to this abstract piece of art created on my iPhone.


I actually took a summer mini blogging break and we flew to our bi-annual family reunion in WA. I shared some photos later in November.

(The post this photo links to contains links to all posts in the PNW photo series.)


moon, photoshop, fantasy, deerA composite created from a lot of different photos in Photoshop.


Ink-tober and a vacation at the beach on the Outer Banks during hurricane Matthew.


The month of ‘a post every day’ – NaBloPoMo.


A pointsettia painting done on my iPad Pro – it is Christmas time.

7 thoughts on “sARTurday – Saturday Art, a year in review”

  1. A lovely trip through the past, most of which I remember and enjoyed those that I did not. My David and I wish you and your David a wonderfully artsy, rewarding year of happiness and hope. That may seem frivolous after the election year we had, but in my heart it is what I hope for everyone. Happy New Year, Claudia and Thank you for providing us with ideas and an outlet for our own creativity.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. It was so nice to take a look back at all your art and to see your different approaches. So much inspiration.
    Wishing you and David a happy, healthy new year!!! xoxo

  3. I just love that composite drawing. And of course the manga creation. I guess I’d better get some photo inspiration this coming week so I will be ready to join in the next Art Posts. There hasn’t been a whole lot of creative stuff this past month — unless you count decorating the house. ha.


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